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    A web development and communications design firm with expertise in full strategic marketing solutions, delivering cutting edge web sites, startup services, corporate identity, e-commerce systems, and print advertising.

    Julie Baker
    Tel. 530.477.5777 ext. 211
    Fax 530.477.5774
  • Banking
    Ruth Ann
    Tel. 650.812.0684
    Connie English
    Tel. 650.812.0806.
  • Accounting and finance
    Mike Kranz

    Kranz & Associates, LLC 885, Oak Grove Ave., Ste 102, Menlo Park, CA 94025

    Tel. (650) 854-4500
    Fax. (650) 854-4599

  • Real estate
    Jeff Fisher
    Tel. 650.483.0760
    Dick Scott
    Tl. 408.615.3448
  • Human resources
    Brandy Lipari
    Tel. 650.952.5777
  • Recruitment

    Job postings
    The following sites are where startups may post jobs when looking for employees and team members. Most, but not all, are free of charge.

    If you are looking for bilingual (Japanese / English) candidates with an expertise in finance, sales, marketing and/or consulting, Recruit (Japan) ICI is the company to turn to.

    With a local office in Mountain View, California, Recruit ICI maintains an extensive database of just these types of bilingual professionals. Most of their candidates have MBAs, many are papered to work in the US and the majority are positioned to move into mid to upper mid-management positions or the equivalent in a small company structure.

    Gnani Balaraman
    NeoGlobal Inc.
    Address: 1173-A, S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129
    Tel. (408) 257-5703 x 100
    Fax. (408) 257-5483
  • International business

    IVEX International Venture Management, Inc.

    With offices in Tokyo and the U.S., IVEX International Venture Management assists high tech businesses in successfully penetrating the Japan market.

    IVEX provides a broad spectrum of sales and marketing activities designed to quickly and effectively establish the client's credible presence in Japan. IVEX core activities include the supervision, support and oversight of reseller sales channels. We offer unparalleled expertise in software and electronics with particular strength in the field of computer networks and data communications.

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